3 April 2014 – I gave my view to Hilary Cardigan on Thais’ obsession with selfie in this article: At Face Value: Thailand’s selfie obsession published by City Life Chiang Mai. So far the most insightful article on selfie obsession in the Thai cultural context, I think.

3 September 2013 – Interview with Kaewmala: On doughnuts, blackface and Thai racism by Saksith Saiyasombat on SiamVoices, Asian Correspondent.

29 November 2012 – Interview with Swedish radio Studio ETT on attitudes about rape and sexual violence and the justice system in Thailand following the rape of a young Dutch tourist in Krabi: “Sexövergrepp i Thailand” by Michael Töpffer [program in Swedish]

July-August 2012 – “Interview with a Social Critic – Kaewmala” by Chiang Mai City News: Part 1: Beating the bullies in the school yard – on developing critical views, critiquing society, and cognitive dissonance in Thailand (20 July); Part 2: “It takes power to change meanings” –  on cultural adjustments, readership, Thai culture as a construct, and the power of the ongoing battles of narratives in Thai society (26 July); Part 3: “Are Thais such an exceptional human species?” – on the direction of Thai society and the role of expatriates in Thailand (26 August).

7 June 2012 – “On ‘100% Thai manliness’ and the reality of LGBT in Thailand.” Interview with Saksith Saiyasombat on Asian Correspondent about a male Thai actor requested not to play a transgender role in a TV drama. Here I discuss the reality of life facing transgender people in Thai society that is not so rosy as the world has been led to believe.

8 February 2012 – “Interview – Kaewmala, author of Sex Talk” on Chicky Net, the social network for women in Thailand, in which Chicky Net asked me about myself, my book, my blog, living in Thailand and expat women.

19 April 2011 – “Only taboo when it’s inconvenient!”  Interview with Saksith Saiyasombat on Asian Correspondent on the Thai public outrage at Songkran topless dancers, Thai sexual hypocrisy and Thai culture

19 March 2011 – “Faces on Twitter” Profile on FreakingCat’s Blog where I shared my view on using Twitter and freedom of expression in Thailand

14 February 2011 – Audio interview with Bangkok Podcast on Thai sexuality and Thai-farang relationship

12 November 2010 – “Kaewmala, Thai Woman Talks: Thais Learning Thai” Interview with Catherine Wentworth of Women Learn Thai in two parts – Part 1 (my background, my perspective on Thai language and society) & Part 2 (how I go about learning Thai language and culture as a native Thai speaker)

23 June 2009 – “Thai Love Talk” Interview with BangkokDan of on Absolutely Bangkok about the book “Sex Talk:  In Search of Love and Romance”

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