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Hi, my name is kaewmala (a pseudonym). The title of this blog is “thaiwomantalks.com” because it is a blog on which a Thai woman (yours truly) “talks.”

I use the singular “Thai woman” because it is just me – one Thai woman – talking. I claim to be no expert in nor representative of Thai culture or Thai women, because I’m not. I believe that having been born into a culture doesn’t make one an expert. I’m just a member of a culture who is curious about the various aspects of the culture and society in which I grew up.

I love to write and choose to write about language, politics and love because these are the topics close to my heart.  Although I speak, read and write Thai at a high level, I have much to learn and I believe that language is a window into the culture and the people in it. Looking at words, their meanings, how they are used and how they change over time, help us understand the way the people in a culture think, feel and relate to one another. I strongly believe that language reveals the culture’s psyche.

In 2009 I wrote a book called “Sex Talk: In Search of Love and Romance” (renamed “Love Talk” for the Amazon edition) which is not about anything hanky-panky but a linguistic-cultural look into Thai language and culture of romance, love and sexuality. I meant to write more books that looks deeper into the Thai psyche but one work project after another kind of pushed that to the back burner.

Meanwhile, I have found myself becoming sort of a social commentator as I kept up writing one long article after another on Thailand’s hot cultural, social or political issue of the day. Each of my social commentaries is published first on the SiamVoices Blog on Asian Correspondent or occasionally on Prachatai English for the larger audience and then reproduced here on my own blog. One or two have been published by the Bangkok Post.

If you feel inclined to know more about what I think, I have given some interviews over the past few years on many topics, including love, Thai sexuality, language, culture, politics and social change, Thai-farang relationship, women, transgendered people, etc. Some of my interviews may shed some light on a question you might have.

I take questions about the topics mentioned above, and occasionally post answers that I think might be of interest for a larger audience. However, let me stress that I am not a relationship counselor and am not into providing anyone with advice for intimate relationship problems (so if I don’t respond to certain questions along that line it’s probably because I choose not to, and I apologize for not being able to help). I can try to provide some general cultural perspectives, if they are useful.

Simply ask your question(s) here, or email me.




You can also find me on Facebook and on Twitter as:

  • @Thai_Talk (as incorrigible teaser and provocateur of Thai language, culture and politics)
  • @thai_idioms (on Thai idioms & slang)
  • @lanna_talk (on northern Thai language).

7 responses to “About

    • Some may wonder why I approved this comment. While Jack won’t have a satisfaction of getting an answer from me one way or the other, I’ll leave his comment here to speak for itself. (If Jack doesn’t understand why I’d done that, then it can’t really be helped.)

      With his evident people’s skills, especially with women, I suppose Jack likely suffers lack of female friendship. But no worries, Jack may find new bosom friends in this post: “Thai Women, Me and the Monkey’s Uncle.”

  1. Hello Kaewmala,

    I’m sorry our “friend” Jack left you such a silly comment. I would just like to say, I think it is great what you do and I wish you all the luck in the world with your writing career.

  2. Your blog looks great. Discovered you from Siam Voices. I do my best to learn all I can about Thailand and hope to live there one day. Thanks for sharing your voice here. Cheers!

  3. Kaewmala … Thank you for your blog, tweets, interviews and posts. I’ve only been to Thailand once (just before the most recent coup) and while I am drawn to your country/people, I have much to learn about Thai culture/politics. So much about ‘the land of smiles’ remains an enigma, and I value your insights and perspective. I will likely never solve the puzzle that is Thailand … but I will at least try 🙂

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