A rebel with a cause – on sex and student uniforms

Interview with “Aum Neko” on the meaning of 4 racy posters – what they have to do with mandatory student uniform rule at Thammasat University

Interview by Fah SK, translated into English by Kaewmala

Original Thai interview was published by Prachatai on Sunday, 8 September 2013

On the evening of Thursday, September 5, 2012, a group of Thammasat University students posted 4 styles of posters on various notice boards around Thammasat-Rangsit campus. The posters show students in uniform posing in heterosexual and homosexual acts. Each poster has a caption (see images below):


Top left: “Did you still have to wear your student uniform to the last midterm?”

Top right: “When student uniforms are being challenged”

Bottom left: “Isn’t it more fun having sex in student uniforms?”

Bottom left: “Free your humanity from the shackles”

These posters are part of the campaign against a mandatory student uniform rule (which requires students to wear student uniforms to class and examinations—translator).

Around noon of September 6, the university ordered university personnel to remove these posters and security guards to prevent any further display of such posters. Meanwhile, the four posters have already made their way onto the internet, provoking a lot of debate on their appropriateness and meaning—what they have to do with a campaign against mandatory student uniform rule.

Prachatai sat down with “Aum Neko” (nickname), a sophomore Arts student majoring in German Language. She is also the female student featured in the three of four posters. She looks a real woman, but anyone who has been following “Aum Neko” will understand [what she meant when she said] there were no women willing to join the campaign (“Aum Neko” is a transgender—translator).

Prachatai: Why did you make posters of people in sexual poses wearing Thammasat student uniforms?

“Aum”: I want to post a question to the Thammasat Community and also communities outside, why a university that prides itself for freedom forces students wear the uniform in many classes in many faculties, especially those in the science field. For instance, there’s a board poster that says: “Science [Faculty], Thammasat, Unite To Wear Student Uniforms To Honor Our Institution.”

So I was thinking, well, the university rules say [student should wear] “polite attire,” but in reality these rules are not accepted. Even the BBA [Bachelor of Business Administration] Program, Accounting Faculty, has the poster that says “No Uniform, No Service” even now.

…>>read the rest at Prachatai>>

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