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UPDATE: I’ve taken down my website. But you can ask questions by leaving your question(s) on the Ask Questions page on this blog. For those, especially men seeking a relationship with a Thai woman, have a look on the Looking for Love page.


Since I have started website last year and despite my appalling lack of discipline in keeping up with it, I’ve received many emails from readers. Many gave very kind and supportive comments (thank you) and quite several asked me for opinion and advice about cross-cultural relationship difficulties. I kept brief correspondence with a few and answered some questions via private emails, though not all.

Thing is, I’d like to (try to) be better at answering questions and have  more discussion. But let me say that I’m just an amateur author and not qualified to provide relationship counseling.  I can try to give some cultural insight, if I can, but I cannot provide personal relationship counseling, for which I was not trained to do.

On my website, I have a page on cross-cultural relationship, where I wrote a few articles, giving my general perspective on the matter specifically concerning Thai society — one of them, “Looking for Love: A Rough Guide for Finding the Right Thai Woman for Western Men,” gives a general overview for those starting out in that direction. I will much appreciate any comments or criticism about this article.

So, that is to say, with regard to answering relationship questions, I am willing and happy to do as I am able. But my focus, as I said, would be on the cultural and linguistic sides, and not the personal, psychological side.

I encourage any who have questions especially about the contents, any expressions, in the book “Sex Talk: In Search of Love and Romance.” Or expressions or concepts concerning love, romance and sexuality in Thai. Please ask away. I’ll be very happy to oblige.

Hopefully, when there are more questions and discussions on the above, I’ll put them in the Ask Kaewmala category.

Much looking forward to any greetings or questions from you.

One response to “Ask Kaewmala

  1. Kaewmala, I will certainly keep this in mind as I go through my daily life.

    I often have questions when I’m writing a post. When I do, perhaps we can double on those – I ask you a brief question for one of my posts, you expand on it here when my post goes live – something like that.

    Anyway, I am chuffed to read that you are jumping back in 🙂

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